Our Team

We are a seasoned team of accounting, audit, enterprise resource planning and systems integration professionals who are certified in Salesforce architecture, consulting, administration, and development

Our Service

We serve the SMB marketplace with a team of onshore and offshore Salesforce® professionals that work closely with our partners in providing competitive financial technology solutions.

Our Experience

We have lived and worked around the world in management positions for multinationals, industry giants, small startups, and nonprofits. As a result, we can afford a unique perspective on the challenges that your business might face in moving to the cloud and beyond from an experience perspective


We have worked with companies from virtually all sectors. Our wealth of experience allows us to meet all of your company's financial and accounting needs.


The Accounting Seed Vendor Portal

The Accounting Seed Vendor Portal provides a secure, simple self-service portal for outside users to access Salesforce object and field-level data economically. This is why those firms below all use this solution!

Artificial Intelligence Services

Our Artificial Intelligence Services team will provide your company or partner with a comprehensive and complete solution to your data demands! The power of artificial intelligence allows you to know what you don't know